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Friday, 25 August 2023
8-10PM (20.00-22.00)

This screening session features 8 films.
All films are in English and/or have English subtitles.​

Questa sera saranno proiettati 8 film in lingua originale con sottotitoli in inglese.



Casa del Cinema Videoteca Pasinetti, Palazzo Mocenigo - San Stae 1990, Venice 30135, Italy

Free tickets:

Seating is available on a first-come, first-served basis at the cinema starting 30 minutes before the screening.


Circle (USA) by Phillip Kaminiak

Synopsis: An analogy between the modern human being, living in mass cities, and the phenomenon of the circle of death - observed in nature with ants who are separated from the main foraging party and lose the pheromone track. They begin to follow one another, forming a continuously rotating circle, commonly known as a "death spiral" because the ants might eventually die of exhaustion. Shot in Mexico City by director Phillip Kaminiak, this vibrant and impressive city is a protagonist, symbolizing a life in endless high speed movement and the humans who are dedicating their lives to endless movement, self-exhaustion in a modern capitalistic-based world. Running time: 00:06:10.


Disused (Sweden) by Susanne Walström, Ester Holmén

Synopsis: A young woman suffers a sudden loss. Isolated from the outside world in a barren desert landscape, she processes her experience to understand and accept her feelings. Running time: 00:09:08.

The Factory.jpg

The Factory (Iran) by Masoud Saadat



Synopsis: Afrooz is an experienced lawyer who has the power to declare a large but bankrupt factory closed, on the other hand, the workers make a plan together to prevent this from happening. Running time: 00:19:02.

The Dream Machine.jpg

The Dream Machine (France) by Michael William West



Synopsis: A woman experiments with a Dream Machine, hoping to escape trouble. Within the light and dark of the machine, violent emotions awaken. Running time: 00:09:29.

A Broken Fan.jpg

A Broken Fan (Lebanon) by Assaad Khoueiry


Synopsis: Adel, a desperate jobless father, gets out on the streets of Beirut hoping for a change. Running time: 0:12:33.

Alpha Kings.jpg

Alpha Kings (USA) by Enrique Pedraza Botero, Faye Tsakas



Synopsis: From a rented mansion in suburban Texas, a group of young men sell a hyperbolic, alpha male version of themselves on the internet. Running time: 00:15:00.

Daron, Daron Colbert.jpg

Daron, Daron Colbert (USA) by Kevin Edward Steen


Synopsis: Living on the edge of one the most polluted zip codes in the US, an actor prepares for a role. Running time: 00:14:00.

Text me when you get home xx.jpg

Text me when you get home xx (Germany) by Niklas Bauer



Synopsis: At night, a woman enters a stranger’s car, casually and voluntarily. But soon she begins to sense the dangerous situation she might be in. Running time: 0:10:37.

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