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Sunday, 20 August 2023
9-11PM (21.00-23.00)


For this special open air event in collaboration with Cinemoving, Venice Film Week will be screening 6 Italian short films. All films have English subtitles.

Questa sera saranno proiettati 6 film in lingua originale con sottotitoli in inglese.



Campo San Polo, 30125 Venice, Italy

Free tickets:

Seating is available on a first-come, first-served basis at Campo San Polo starting 30 minutes before the screening.


Story Of Your Life (Italy) by Salvatore de Chirico

Synopsis: Tommy's entire life flows in front of us like a movie. Through taped memories, his own stories and everything that has stood the test of time. Eighty years of a life that could be anyone's. But whose is it really? Running time: 00:19:00.

Sono Qua (I'm Here).jpg

Sono Qua / I'm Here (Australia) by Jessica DiCosta

Synopsis: A portrait of the filmmaker's Sicilian Nonna who has progressive dementia. Her Nonna’s day is spent in repetition and confusion but the one thing she never seems to forget is her love of dancing, especially to the Italian classic song Campagnola Bella. Running time: 00:03:20.


Fuochi (Italy) by Mirko Genduso

Synopsis: The wheat fields of Sicily are set ablaze. Ino is a farmer who lives in the shade of a giant wind turbine, facing the disease of his father, a man attached on a ventilation machine, whose last desire is to escape from stillness and reconcile with his past life. Ino will not resign himself to his father’s choice. While earth around him is slowly burning, he will try to defend the world he has built for his father, until the day the fire arrives in his land; fires that may be no longer destructive, but liberating. Running time: 00:15:40.

Farfalle _ Butterflies.jpg

Farfalle / Butterflies (Italy) by Marco Pattarozzi


Synopsis: In the Italian Apennine Mountains, Caterina spends her last days with Patrick, a childhood friend, before he leaves for America. After an unexpected late-night party, where the booze was laced with a psychotropic substance, Caterina wakes up with the marks of a rape on her, of which she remembers nothing. She soon senses that it is not only distance in miles that will distance her from Patrick. Running time: 00:20:00.


Resti (Italy) by Federico Fadiga



Synopsis: A group of friends on the edge of adulthood travel to a party. Stuck in traffic, they make a stop and enter an abandoned place, which evokes in the group an ancient feeling that will plunge them into their inner turmoil. Running time: 00:13:00.

Where do we go from here.jpg

Where Do We Go From Here (Italy) by Antonello Schioppa


Synopsis: A woman's lifeless body is lying on a room's floor. A shocked man is staring at it. Beyond the closed door, someone is quietly trying to get in: he's a 9 years old child. These three are a family. Or what's left. Running time: 00:19:50.

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