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Tuesday, 23 August 2022
8-10PM (20.00-22.00)

This screening session features 3 films.
All films are in English and/or have English subtitles.​

Questa sera saranno proiettati 3 film in lingua originale con sottotitoli in inglese.



Casa del Cinema Videoteca Pasinetti, Palazzo Mocenigo - San Stae 1990, Venice 30135, Italy

Free tickets:

Seating is available on a first-come, first-served basis at the cinema starting 20 minutes before the screening. Reservation is not required, but optional. If you want to be certain of your seat(s), reserve your ticket(s) here.

Beauty & the Beasts.jpg

Beauty & the Beasts (Hong Kong)

By Aggie Pak Yee Lee

Synopsis: That night, a lady met a group of lovely beasts - gigantic slimy cheesy ones. Running time: 00:03:32.


Selections/awards: Hong Kong Arthouse FF.


About the director: Aggie Pak Yee Lee is an audio-visual artist from Hong Kong, graduated in Estonia. Her works draw inspiration from the playful relationship between the flow of sound and of images, with a tint of stupidity. Some of her experimental and narrative shorts were showcased in several festivals such as Sundance, Annecy, Filmfest Dresden and Insomnia.

The de facto martyr suite.jpg

The de facto martyr suite (Switzerland)

By Justine de Gasquet


Synopsis: Ibn Kenyatta is in prison since 1974. In 2019 he reflects on his refusal to appear before the New York state parole board. The words resonate from his cell with images of the great migration. The invocation of a life before walls. The story takes us from Alabama, his birth place, to the New York subway where he was arrested and beaten. Running time: 00:18:13.


Selections/awards: Festival International Signes de Nuit, Aphrodite Film Awards, and more.


About the director: Justine de Gasquet is a film editor recently graduated from the Haute École d’Art et de Design de Genève. She grew up in France, the United Kingdom, Italy and the United States. Her work in film making started through translating with the documentary film by Antoine Viviani, In Limbo. She has edited school films Tout ça, c'est les autres by Elias Ben Khalifa and Miri by Salah El Amri. She now works between Paris and Dakar and pursues editing with the filmmaker Azata Soro.


Humanization (Sweden)

By Giulio Musi



Synopsis: Anna lost her child in an accident. Estranged from mundane life she has stopped feeling physical pain. Numb, she decides to end her life throwing herself out of a window. Miraculously Anna survives and wakes up in a nursing home where she befriends a nurse and a young boy. Slowly Anna starts to create meaning to her existence in hope to be able to carry on living. But how does this created meaning relate to the actual reality? Anna seems struggling with how to perceive her surroundings. Running time: 01:24:00.


Selections/awards: IFF of India, Brussels Independent FF (Best Narrative Feature Film).

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