Tuesday August 25

8-10PM (20.00-22.00)


Casa del Cinema Videoteca Pasinetti

Palazzo Mocenigo - San Stae 1990, Venice 30135, Italy

All films are English spoken and/or English subtitled

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The Clarinet (Norway) by Anne Windsland

With an absurdist flair, “The Clarinet” tells the story of a woman practicing her clarinet - and what happens when the neighbor tries to stop her.

Duration: 00:03:18

Fifteen (United Kingdom) by Peiman Zekavat

A private video of Maria goes viral during a volleyball class in a school in Lima.

Duration: 00:10:00


Your Beautiful Rubber Brain (Netherlands) by Jelmer Wristers

On an old pig farm enclosed by rolling fields, a farmer has taken on the addicted Dennis. Twenty-four hours in an isolated life full of confusion and alienation.

This expressionist portrait shows what lies hidden under the everyday lives of a young farmer and Dennis, who is addicted to amphetamine. The farmer feeds his pigs and Dennis surreptitiously feeds the monkey on his back. To avoid being dismissed, he helps where possible.

Duration: 00:11:00

Fragile Machines (United States) by Derek Johnson, Luke Smithers

Fragile Machines is an independent art film which tells the story of a married couple and the affairs that make their relationship irreparable. The film follows a non-linear, gestural narrative—shifting between seasons, homes, oceans and embraces fluidly and rapidly. The movement direction follows a form of contemporary dance: contact improvisation.

Duration: 00:06:07

Contact (Canada) by Frédéric Desjardins

In a world where technology often makes it possible to do without others, a man works, lives and carries out all of his activities alone. When an incident occurs that man will finally have a human contact. A luminous moment which is reflected in his gaze.

Duration: 00:09:03

35 [Temporary Number] (Italy) by Alessio Di Cosimo, Juan Diego Puerta Lopez

Two characters, two opposing worlds. Diego is a forty-year-old man, a dental technician, lives with his elderly mother after separating from his wife. Amanda is a South American trans, living alone in a house in the Roman suburbs, that same house where she prostitutes herself every night. The two apparently different worlds will merge in a moment of passion and transgression that will culminate with an explosion of violence and hatred.

Duration: 00:10:00

The Chef (United States) by Hao Zheng

In the near future, when all labor works are replaced by humanoids, a Chinese chef, Pu (60s) is ordered to pass on his cooking skill to a humanoid robot William and to teach him Chinese cooking. Designed to satisfy his owner, William tries to follow Pu’s every instruction, but his robotic demand for precision and perfection is essentially contradictory to Chinese cooking. 

Duration: 00:19:50


Flut (Germany) by Malte Stein

A dirty lake bursts its banks and begins to flood the town. At last there´s a good reason to keep the son at home. But in isolation, nightmarish associations start to mix with reality. And whilst outside the world sinks peacefully under water, a domestic apocalypse rages inside.

Duration: 00:09:55

Artemio's Loneliness Vol. 1 (Mexico) by Juan Carlos R. Larrondo

Sex, city lights and daydreaming. Artemio embarks on regular nocturnal escapades to a porn theater and clandestine gay spots downtown. Along the way, he describes his voyeuristic experiences. This is his life. Until he meets Octavio.

Duration: 00:20:00