Wednesday August 28

8-10PM (20.00-22.00)

Casa del Cinema Videoteca Pasinetti

Palazzo Mocenigo - San Stae 1990,Venice, Italy 30135

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Chasing Kesha (Greece) by Petros Ioannidis

A Psychiatrist develops an unprofessional infatuation for one his patient's multiple personalities.

Duration: 00:07:51

Onikuma (Italy) by Alessia Cecchet

Onikuma is Japanese yokai, a demon bear known for chasing horses. Surrounded by a foreign landscape, two women will understand that demons can come in different forms.

Duration: 00:12:02

The Crow and the Squirrel (United States) by Guillermo Gomez

In this hand-drawn animated film, a crow has an encounter with a squirrel, and learns a valuable lesson in communication and compassion.

Duration: 00:03:40

#7 (It all makes sense) (Italy) by Boris Contarin

This video is an experimentation about Venice and it's dreamy and illusionistic side. Venice as a hallucination, as Dickens describes it, is the definition that must lead the traveller who wants to get the heart of his journey, beyond mass tourism and art history. It is, furthermore, the key with which it has been possible to go beyond traditional linear video editing, to try and seek the magical connections of everyday life in an extraordinary place.

Duration: 00:06:10

Deserto (Italy) by Jacopo Miliani

‘Deserto’ reflects on the possibility of multiple identities through the invention of a new language. The desert is the set for the polysexual ‘guest’ in Teorema (1968) by Pier Paolo Pasolini and the transsexual Bernadette in The Adventures of Priscilla (1994). The same actor played both roles.

Duration: 00:06:08

The Wind Phone (United States) by Kristen Gerweck

Inspired by true events, THE WIND PHONE intimately follows the emotional journeys of seven strangers. Each is drawn to the same remote and eerie phone booth on a Japanese cliffside, although their conversations couldn’t seem more different. Whereas one caller seeks forgiveness for a fatal transgression and another grapples with a twisted betrayal, others’ motivations are not clear at first. It is not until one of the callers extends a consoling hand to another, that we begin to understand that they are all connected by one harrowing reality.

Duration: 00:15:52

Zulu Rema has learned to fly (Italy) by Gaia Vianello

The story of Emeer - AKA B-boy Zulu Rema - a Tunisian teenager, who had both is leg amputated as a child, and of his passion for art and dance, that has helped him become a break dance champion at national level and a role model for young people all over the world.

Duration: 00:14:49

Salt Water (United States) by Abe Abraham

Dance-film set to the seismographic recordings of the earth's vibrations.

Duration: 00:05:45

Appocundria (Italy) by Mino Capuano

A huge house surrounded by nature was the childhood home of three brothers, Diego, Desio and Mimmo. The three brothers will be forced to face each other, in order to sell their old house and this will severely test their difficult relationship. After a night together in their childhood house, which is full of memorabilia, the three will rediscover some values which they thought they have lost while growing up and apart from each other.

Duration: 00:35:00

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